Culinary Arts

Gail Grief is a very special person.  She likes to do things differently and to think-out-of-the-box.  On the right is a dinner she whipped up for her Mum and Dad.

What Gail will bring to G3 and dogZlife is a fresh outlook on meal preparation giving everyone she reaches the ability to create beautiful, scrumptious meals in the simplest way possible.

Her mission is to touch people all around the world with her creations and to help millions of people across the planet to elevate their game in the kitchen and to provide the highest of quality meals to their families.

The amazing thing about Gail is that she hasn't yet finished chef school (she still has 6 months to completion) and she is already great, preparing food which is as appetizing to the eyes as they are to the palate!

Our ultimate plan is to develop a series of cookbooks by Gail, available through Blurb at no cost online.  That's how much we want you to incorporate these amazing plates into your life and those of your family!

In addition, Gail's recipes will feature prominently in the menu of at least one of The Forum Entertainment and Restaurant Complex' offerings.  At present we haven't decided which to feature.

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