About Ross Harvey
'Yes, I am fulfilling my destiny, leading mankind to Eden (Heaven on earth).'

From his earliest years, Ross was passionate about sports, first competing in all the team sports (baseball, football and hockey) and then taking up golf and racquetball at the age of 13.  With time and lots of practice, he whittled his way down to being a low handicap golfer and winning the NorthEastern (Canada and US) Junior Championships at the age of 15 in racquetball.  He competed on the Professional Racquetball Tour for two years, first from his home base in San Diego and then from Denver.  In 1984, he won the World Championships in racquetball.

It was in Denver that he had an experience on a friend's farm which led him back to Montreal in pursuit of becoming a veterinarian.  He enrolled in the Biology program at Concordia University and graduated with his BSc. Biology degree in 1984.  Ross immediately applied to Ontario Veterinary College at Guelph, ON and was accepted!  He graduated from OVC in 1989 with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

Upon his return to Montreal, he was headed for a position in veterinary medicine with a friend, Dr. Eric Foot.  He received two offers which took precedence.  A good friend from racquetball, Andrew Phillips, had just accepted the Head Professional position at Elm Ridge Country Club.  He asked Ross if he would like to help him and serve as an Assistant Golf Professional.  He didn't have to ask twice!  At about the same time, Ross approached Nautilus Plus regarding being the racquetball and squash Professional at two of their locations - Cote St. Luc and Cote de Liesse.  They accepted!  Ross went to Dr. Foot and told him about these two opportunities.  Eric's answer was; 'you have so many opportunities - do everything first, you can always fall back on veterinary medicine in the future.'

From that point, Ross' life was an upwards spiral of better and better positions.  Across his business career, he owned two Sports Bars/Restaurants in large tennis/racquet sports facilities and performed many other jobs, for the very large part identifying a need and creating a position to fill that need.  In 2001, Ross and a partner, Michael Farber, set out on a project in health and nutrition named NuVo.  In eleven short months from inception, the company had seven partners involved in building the business.  Through the efforts of Heather Baker, a group presented itself who were interested in taking NuVo onto NASDAQ.  As President and CEO, Ross did not want to go that route and he was voted out of the company!  As an important component of G3, Ross is in the process of relaunching NuVo with a much larger set of objectives.

Ross' endeavours in golf included starting what he called 'the most INclusive golf club ever' a play on words because so many golf clubs are exclusive!  This club was called 'The Mulligan Tour.'  In its first year, with the assistance of Peter Kelly, great friend Dave Stotland and Wayne Blunt, Vickie Schanck and Eric Weeks of Golf-O-Max Dorval, they were able to host 18 events across the summer at leading golf clubs in the Montreal area, for their 200+ members, averaging over 60 golfers/event.  Following the close of the season, Ross scoured the internet looking for others who were doing similar things, with the aim of developing something big and international for public golfers.  In his quest, Ross came across a company named Golf Intelligence (GI) in Minnesota.  Very quickly, he and two of the principals of GI developed an enterprise named G3 - Global Golf Group - with the aim of starting similar 'clubs' across Canada and the US.  On December 24th, 2003, John Montague, the President and CEO of GI called Ross to tell him that they could not go forward with this initiative.  As an important component of G3, Ross is in the process of relaunching G3 Golf, with a much larger set of objectives.

The 7 days which followed, from December 25th-31st, 2003 were what Ross calls his '7 Days on the Mountain With God.'  This time was responsible for transforming Ross.  In explaining what has happened, originally Ross would say; 'it turned my life upside down.'  In reality, it turned his life right side up.  Whereas previously while he believed in the existence of God, he was not living a life which honoured Him.  Now, Ross' complete objective in every moment is to honour and glorify God.  While in his 'former' life he was always committed and passionate about all he did, now, with God as his best friend and ally, he attacks everything he is doing with a distinct 'knowing' that with God in his corner, every vision he has will be realized.  'The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do!'  Steve Jobs

The final and second most important component of Ross' life (next to God) is the love and caring of his entire family and longtime close friends.  He has always counted himself tremendously lucky for having all these people in his corner.  They truly are a blessing from God!

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