Transforming Our World

God is the creative force in this world.  Everything that is, from the smallest particles to the largest elements in the universe were all created by Him.  

Our objective with G3 is to successively transform the world from its present state to that of heaven on earth.  Through the five activity areas of G3, NuVoWay, G3 Golf, dogZlife, NuVoWay Foundation and Noah Project, which combine to include every element of human and animal life, our plan is to assist every person on the planet towards living their ideal/best life.  We will start this process in NDG, Montreal and progressively duplicate our successes across Montreal, Quebec, Canada and the world.

Our perspective is that as we make inroads into assisting every person to live their ideal/best life, we will be growing heaven.  When every person on the planet is living their best life, earth will be heaven!

While this may seem a long and laborious project, God will assist us at every level, making what should take years happen in a much shorter timeframe...


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